Maximum security and efficient management of your company data is our priority.

Since 2006, we have been storing and managing records and information for many companies and organisations.

Our goal is to provide services with measurable benefits in terms of quality (security, confidentiality, information retrieval time) and operating cost. This can be achieved by offering specialised solutions, adapted to your needs, and based on certified procedures, as regards information security and quality of services.

Our high skills in physical and electronic filing, and the certified procedures we follow throughout all stages of our services, make us the most reliable partner for managing your information.


We have 5 centres for the management of physical and electronic information with a total surface area of 8,500 sq.m., which are equipped with state-of-the-art security and organisation systems, for physical and electronic records management sites.

Integrated Management

We store and manage company information in any format: physical (paper) records, electronic records, magnetic media and virtual online data, always with dedication to security and proper service.


Our infrastructures are designed exclusively for records storage and management. Our well-trained staff, which is specialised in file management, will understand your needs and will design solutions specifically tailored for them.

Who we are in numbers

We serve more than 150 clients from all economy sectors: banks, insurance and brokerage companies, multinational corporations, industrial, trade and import companies, service providers (consulting firms, law firms), companies in the health sector (hospitals, pharmaceutical companies), in the transportation sector (3PL, logistics), etc.

  • We store more than 1 billion pages, both in physical and electronic format.
  • We handle more than 100,000 management requests per year.
  • We digitise more than 10 million pages per annum.
  • We provide magnetic media storage and delivery services to companies accounting for 40% of the key business sectors.
  • We support more than 80% of the due diligence projects in the market.

Our know-how enhances the quality of the security standards and reduces the cost for managing your information.


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