We design together flexible solutions in order to improve your everyday business activities and the quality of your work.

At Archeiothiki, we aim at security, speed, and effective management of your information:

  • We design for you and with you, the management of your digitised documents and electronic records, in the most beneficial manner.
  • We enable direct access to your documents, maintaining control and security of your information, which is archived in a specially designed professional EDM (Electronic Document Management) platform.

The platform is fully configurable, with specialised management applications. In this context, we also develop the following procedures especially for your own files:

  • Electronic folders.
  • Search masks.
  • Workflows (electronic workflows / electronic procedures) that reflect the best flow of corporate operations and match your own management requirements.

Electronic document management can give your business a real boost, converting a part of, or all of your operations to paperless!


Benefits to your company


• Minimisation of the time required for archiving and retrieving information.

• Direct and concurrent user access to information.

• Improved level and speed of service for your customers and better working conditions for your staff.

• Significant reduction of operating cost.

• Creation of back-up record.

• Possibility to keep the physical records off-site with continuous flow (in parallel with the digitisation).


Main Background

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