We offer specialised digitisation services, aimed to increase your company’s productivity.

The digitisation services are customised to suit the nature and management requirements of your records, in order to efficiently fulfil each and every of your company’s needs.

  •  We convert your physical records to digital format, either in our site or at your premises.
  • We design document digitisation flow systems for the most efficient and secure process.
  • We classify your documents using the data you want, with data entry procedures, with barcode reading, or with specialised OCR solutions, which permit automatic data retrieval.
  • We integrate digital management of your documents in your company’s operations.

Our services are offered at project level, en mass, or even with continuous flow in combination with the Electronic Document Management service, as an integrated service.


Service benefits


• Direct access to the information.

• Freeing up production resources, venues and infrastructures.

• Reduction of record material management cost and operating cost.

• Increased security levels.

• Creation of back-up record.

• Ability to keep physical records off-site.


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