We offer specialised data storage solutions, ensuring your information remains secure and unaltered.

Specially configured areas

We manage your magnetic media, which we store in specially configured Data Centre Vault type areas, with scheduled deliveries/ pick-ups (rotation) in accordance with the dates and hours defined by your company’s operations and media retrieval requests.

Secure transportation conditions

Media delivery/ pick-up is carried out using special transportation cases under the required conditions so that the media are not affected and your information remains unaltered (e.g. security, temperature, humidity, vibrations).

Emergency cases

In cases of crisis and immediate need for access to your data, we manage your magnetic media on a 24/7/365 basis, with unscheduled deliveries, even outside working hours.


Service benefits


• High levels of security according to the best international practices.

• Standardised management procedures under special conditions by specialised staff.

• Lower risk.

• Observance of the BCP principles.

• Available on a 24/7/365 basis.


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