We attend to the protection of your company data, following international best practices.

At Archeiothiki, we offer integrated services, which ensure protection of your data:

  • We keep storage media with your data in specially configured Data Centre Vault type areas, which are suitable for storing back-up tapes and other magnetic media (QIC tapes, SLR data cartridges, DAT, Exabyte, AIT, SAIT, DLT tapes DST, DTF, DIR cassettes, open reel tapes, pereos tapes, etc.). They are also suitable for hard disks, CDs, DVDs and off-line backup servers, as well as for other types of records, such as microfilms, cine films, x-rays, arts & artifacts.
  • The areas are equipped with close control systems, ensuring that temperature and humidity conditions are maintained in order to keep the data protected, and with gas fire-extinguishing systems.
  • We implement strict, standardised management and access control procedures (standard operating procedures, total barcoding).
  • Additionally, we offer the Back-up Tapes Management (Rotation) service with scheduled deliveries/ pick-ups (rotation) or unscheduled deliveries (access 24/7/365), which are always performed under proper conditions so that the media are not affected and your information remains unaltered.


Service benefits


• Remote storage of back-ups of your data at ideal conditions for the media.

• Increased security levels – lower risk.

• Standardised management procedures with special conditions by specialised staff.

• Freeing up production resources, venues and infrastructures.

• Observance of the BCP principles.


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