Security, flexibility, speed. Organise your projects in the most efficient manner and with the utmost security.

We offer the flexibility, autonomy and speed you need to securely exchange electronic documents and information. In cooperation with the largest integrated enterprise communications services company worldwide, RR DONNELLEY, we offer you the ROUNDTABLE® trusted file sharing platform.

The ROUNDTABLE® platform will provide secure and reliable storage and exchange of your sensitive documents online, from anywhere, anytime. It helps to minimise the completion time of projects in a flexible manner, without using e-mails.

Friendly interface

The user interface is very familiar and friendly, and the search is based on the GoogleTM Search Engine. The platform is fully functional with a simple right click and drag & drop. To use it you only need Internet access and absolutely no plug-ins.

We remain close to you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

The Customer Service Department of ROUNDTABLE® is at your disposal on a 24/7/365 basis at international level via RR Donnelley and locally via Archeiothiki.

For large projects, ask us about the VENUE® platform, which offers similar key benefits with more functions and options.

The specialised staff of Archeiothiki and the Project Management service are at your disposal for records management and protection operations.


Benefits for you


• Immediate implementation of your project.

• Greek presence and Greek project management support.

• International presence with 24/7/365 support by RR Donnelley.

• Fulfilling the high security and usability requirements of your project.


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