You have direct access to your information, your records are secure.

At Archeiothiki, you are in charge of your company data. You may have access to your information, whenever you wish, and in the format you want.

We have the organisation and infrastructure required to immediately serve requests for management, retrieval, delivery (physical and electronic), archiving, destruction, etc., based on agreed specifications and service levels, which are adapted to your needs.

Every activity in your records is recorded by the special IT system ONEIL, providing complete audit trail and control of your record material.

Archeiothiki’s web application is at your disposal, enabling you to monitor the database of your record material and to enter your record management commands online. In addition to the web application, we offer alternative solutions for remote access to your records, depending on your requirements, such as document management applications, virtual data rooms, and trusted file sharing applications.


Benefits for you


• Freeing up production resources and staff work time.

• Smart records management, total cost control and compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

• Variable and totally attributable charges.


Main Background

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