We “transfer” your on-paper information onto the screen.

The on-demand records digitisation services of Archeiothiki aim to provide the most straightforward access to your information, without moving your physical records.

  • Conversion to Digital records: we convert your physical records to digital format.
  • Automatic data retrieval: we draw data using specialised data entry processes, barcode reading, or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions.
  • On line access: we provide controlled access to a specially designed Electronic Document Management (EDM) platform, where your digital or digitised records are posted, and to which you have online access whenever you want.
  • Efficient record conversion: we design document digitisation flow systems for efficient and secure digitisation.
  • Retrieval of physical document: we locate and convert your physical records to digital format (specific documents, based on a relevant request).
  • Electronic delivery of digital records: the digitised document is electronically sent or posted on the electronic document management platform of Archeiothiki, to which online access is provided.

All our services, from basic document digitisation to the integrated electronic records management solution, are tailored to suit the nature of your business and your information usage needs, achieving the best possible outcome for the management and protection of your company data.

For electronic management of your documents, please see Electronic Document Management.


Service benefits


• Saves information retrieval time.

• Minimises physical records activities.

• Creates a back-up record.


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