We make your work easier, offering speed, confidentiality and security during the destruction of your records.

For the destruction of your records, we offer alternatives which conform to your company practices and can be tailored to your needs. Confidentiality and information security are also ensured during the destruction process.

  1. The records are collected in special record destruction areas, where sorting-out into recyclable and non-recyclable material is carried out.
  2. The records may be either shredded in special cutting – shredding machines that convert “information” to a pile of non-readable strips, implementing the DIN 32757 Standard with security level 3, and making it impossible to reassemble the documents, or directly pulped.
  3. Then the records are forwarded to a specialised company for recycling.

We can organise together a schedule for the destruction of your record material, either en mass or at regular intervals (continuous flow).


Benefits for your company


• Secure and cost-effective document destruction process.

• Compliance with laws and provision of relevant certificate.

• You assign monitoring of the archive life-cycle and relevant operations to your specialised partner.

• “Green” corporate social responsibility.


Main Background

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