Archeiothiki’s specialisation, experience and know-how guarantee the security of your information and direct access to it.

Secure storage and total management of your information, with the most efficient solutions specially tailored to your needs. We keep and manage record material of any format and volume, in the most specialised and efficient manner, by applying a series of procedures certified as per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013.

5 Record Management Centres with International Security Standards

Storage and management of your physical (paper) records is carried out at the 5 Management Centres of Archeiothiki, which are equipped with ultra-modern physical and electronic security media.

Special attention has been paid to the electronic security systems, to the fire-fighting and fire-detection systems, as well as to the infrastructures that ensure uninterrupted operation of our facilities.

All systems have been designed specifically for Archeiothiki, and in particular, for record material storage.

Certified Management

The overall management process follows security rules in accordance with a set of standardised and verified operating procedures (Standard Operating Procedures).

We package the records into special archiving carton-boxes; we pick it up from your premises and transfer it to the Management Centres. We catalogue including all details which you specify and deliver a register of your records. Based on the created register, we respond to management requests.

We manage your records effectively, responding immediately to your requests for:

· organisation

· retrieval

· delivery

· archiving

· language solutions

· digitisation

· records destruction

Management requests are effected either via electronic records deliveries (following digitisation) or with physical deliveries to your premises.

Direct online access

Whenever you want, you have direct access to the database / register of your records with the utmost security, from your office, via Archeiothiki’s web application.

For even higher levels of security, please see  Storage and Management of Valued Files.


Quality benefits for your business


• Increased security with advanced technology systems and know-how.

• Efficient records management, complete control in line with your own needs and requirements.

• Lower risk and business hazards deriving from document loss, information leak, etc.

• Freeing up production resources, venues and infrastructures.

• Observance of the SOX, BCP principles.


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