Replace your complex processing, archiving, and data extraction operations from physical records with automatic workflows and thus increase the value of your information.

Focus on the quality characteristics of your information.Replace your complex operations for data and information processing from paper and e-mails.

  • We process for you documents such as invoices, dispatch notes, hard copies of bills, accounting forms, questionnaires, client applications, etc.
  • We extract the data you need for the basic operations of your company.
  • We feed your systems with the data, or we create together with you the system that matches your requirements regarding your records and information management (reports, workflows, archiving, notifications, etc.).

We support you with our know-how and highly specialised staff, helping you to improve the flow of information within your organisation. We can then efficiently and quickly manage your incoming volume of communications for you, whether it is in paper or electronic format.


Benefits for you


• Utilisation of information and protection of corporate memory.

• Quick processing.

• Competitive advantage.

• Lower business risk.

• Cost reduction.


Main Background

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