We ensure the best possible result by means of an international network of professionals in Greece and abroad.

When you assign the translation of your documents to Archeiothiki, you can be sure of the professionalism, consistency and experience you will get back from our services, since we collaborate with an international network of 3,500 linguists, translators, and renowned professionals in this field in Greece and abroad, for more than 140 languages, with the quality and responsiveness that the collaboration with RR Donnelley can ensure.

The translation service comprises a 3-step process: translation – editing – quality control. To ensure the quality of our service, we assign a specific person who will be responsible for the delivery of the project and for your company.

Each step is performed by professional linguists and specialised cooperating partners, depending on the subject of the text (e.g. legal or medical text, text for a special sector of economics, etc.), who are native speakers of the target language.

By translating your documents, we create a database for subsequent translation projects that you may wish to assign to us, thereby lowering future cost.

The service is certified as per European Quality Standard EN-15038:2006 Translation Services, which covers all the aspects of the translation process,  including quality assurance.


Benefits for you


• Subject specialisation and creation of database.

• Content localisation.

• Utilisation of our international network of collaborating partners.

• Tiered, variable and attributable charges.

• Application in any desired medium (document, software, website, other).


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