We provide integrated records management and protection services that make your life easier.

For each one of your projects, our Records Management Consultants, our Project Managers, and all staff members of our company are at your disposal to completely fulfil your needs with the Project Management service. We undertake all records management and protection tasks, from the very first to the last stage.

Technical support, register recording, indexing, digitisation, electronic document management, trainings, consulting, pilot programs, organisation and management of digitisation projects, project preparation and costing are some of our services which enable you to ensure quality results and enjoy benefits that will quickly make the difference for your company. The support by our specialised staff reduces significantly the time required for completing complex processes for your projects, in the most cost-effective and secure manner.


Service benefits


• On-time and on-budget project implementation.

• Proper targeting and work plan.

• Lower operating cost.

• Continuous monitoring and reporting.

• Freeing up resources.


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