Our team


The Archeiothiki Team has the “quality” required for the security and management of your records.

Staff profile: All our staff members are graduates from Colleges and Post-Secondary Level and Higher Education Institutions, with specialisations befitting the scope of their job in Archeiothiki (Business Organisation/Administration, Logistics, Records Administration). The high levels of staff retention ensure that the average experience in Archeiothiki and in the specific area is at least 5 years. Individuals join the Archeiothiki team following thorough hiring procedures and a training period.

Staff training: Through a continuing training program, all Archeiothiki staff members evolve both in areas considered as direct requirements for the operation of Archeiothiki (security, quality of services), and in areas of personal skill development (crisis management, time management, etc.).

Staff and corporate responsibility: We see to the development and preservation of a secure, fair, modern and friendly work environment, where everybody can grow and develop. Group Programs for full-scale Hospital Care and Medical Treatment, as well as Pension Plans by top insurance companies in the market, are provided for all staff members.

Archeiothiki is customer oriented

As a client, you will meet the staff members with whom you will be in contact for the everyday management of your records (account management).

Specific record administrators will be trained in your records, to ensure direct response to your requests at all times.

In all cases, when a request exceeds the everyday management requirements, all Archeiothiki staff members – from Management executives right down to support staff – are trained to be able to respond immediately and fulfil the special requirements of the occasion.