Our services

We offer integrated services for protection and management of your company data in accordance with international security standards

Records Storage and Management

We store your records, packaged inside special archiving carton-boxes - with full relevant records - at the specially designed management centres of Archeiothiki. We offer integrated management services with retrievals, physical and electronic deliveries, destruction, etc. based on SLAs (Service-Level Agreements) tailored to your needs.

Records Digitisation

We convert your physical records to digital format, either at the Archeiothiki sites, or in your premises. We design digitisation solutions exclusively covering your own needs for data extraction and retrieval of your information.

On-line Solutions for Records Storage and Management

We offer secure and reliable solutions for keeping, storing and managing your and your clients' sensitive data online, anywhere, anytime, in cooperation with top companies from other countries (Trusted File Sharing).

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Together with you, we design the most efficient methods for managing your digitised documents and electronic records, in a specially designed professional platform for Electronic Document Management (EDM), creating electronic folders, search masks, and workflows which reflect the best flow of corporate operations and its needs.

Magnetic Media Storage

We store your magnetic media (tape backups from your servers) in a specially configured area (Data Centre Vault), and serve you via scheduled deliveries / pick-ups or by responding to ad hoc management requests.

Records Destruction

We forward your old records for sorting-out and recycling, or for confidential destruction via shredding, fulfilling the security and confidentiality requirements of your company.

Direct benefits from record services outsourcing

Reduction of operating cost

A permanent solution is provided for the storage and management of your information, lowering the risk and reducing your operating cost by at least 30%, because resources are freed up and professionally managed, while at the same time, your information is kept using high levels of security.

Freeing up resources

You utilise your company's resources in more productive operations, thus enhancing your productivity. You cease to burden or constrain venues, infrastructures, and staff with archiving operations.

Efficient records management

You acquire a trusted, reliable partner, who will provide a solution exclusively tailored to your company, so that you can have immediate access to the information in the most efficient and secure manner.

Confidentiality and security

You ensure security for your records and data, putting to use the most secure and reliable solutions for keeping, storing, and managing your sensitive files and information.


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